About Atling Maskinfabrik AB

Atling aims to be the customers first choice of sub contractor and by competence and innovative methods set new standard of tomorrows technology. All this in close cooperation with our demanding and successful customers.

Processes of value
To make life easier for our customers Atling can provide solutions in a number of fields, e.g. storage of complete parts, short lead times, logistics and developing of products and services.

You may find our clients in several types of business. Our biggest clients today are in the train industry, vehicle industry, robotics and tooling.

Atlings Maskinfabrik AB in Ockelbo started as a workshop in 1947. Today Atlings is owned by the family owned, Amymone AB. Today we have 2 different sites the biggest one in Ockelbo, in Alfta Bollnäs Verkstad Produktion AB.